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Stiv Cinik


Born back in 1963. Designer interiors and graphics, cartoonist, illustrator, author anim. of films. And other funny drawings. Continuously works on portraits, cartoons, caricatures, illustrations. Cartoons for various publishers, winner of several awards at international cartoons festivals. Posted by huge, not yet fortified caricature of comic books and illustrations. Radio feature on anim.filmovima Magician šešir tv, an apprentice Hlapić, animated TV series Mali madvjedići flying. A bunch of other animated shorts. Stiv Cinik works: 1991. Author movie Sawing logs, 1994. Author Snowmen film won second prize in the category A 11.svjetskom festival Zagreb 94 Plus a few less important awards. 1998-2000. worked on a series of children’s anim Helbling Austrian produ.kuća. 2000.autor and producer of anime film “Hot Kiss”, a parody of the Clinton-Lewinsky case. 2002.autor anime film “Pet”, conceived as a pilot for a TV. series. 2004.autor anime film “Nino” is also a pilot for a TV series. (Since they are both made ​​in Zag.filmu there was no chance that the series and reach.) 2005.anim series “Good Night, Croatia.” 2006.anim pilot “primrose” in private production. 2007.autorski anime film “Overload” production of 4 film.

For years, participated in an animated workshop in Bosna and Hercegovina as a leader.

Author of a large number of dedicated animated movies for various clients, type: Kraš, Podravka etc … Membership: HZSU (Croatian community sam.umjetnika). Article HDFD (Croatian Society of Film Workers) branch in the animated film. Article ULUPUH (Association of Artists of Applied Artists Croatian), founder of the sections for strip.ilustraciju and caricature in the same association.




23.09.1981  Oršulić Mladen
23.09.1978  Kočiš Ivica
23.09.1973  Pocrnić-Radošević Anita
23.09.1970  Bilać Dragan
23.09.1959  Sabolović Željko
23.09.1958  Maričević Miro
23.09.1958  Šafer Nikola
23.09.1956  Glavaš Branimir
23.09.1938  Žagar Miljenko