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Born in Zagreb in  1950.

In 1973. got BA degree in psychology (major), English  and sociology (minors) at the  Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb.

From 1973-1975. employed as researcher at the Center for social welfare of Zagreb.

In  1975. got position as an assistant researcher at the Chair of  industrial psychology Department of Psychology, Faculty of  Philosophy University of Zagreb.

In  1983.  received Ph.D. degree in psychology with the thesis in the area of  organizational  stress.

In 1984. got promoted to the level of assistant professor at the same Chair.

In 1996.  became a  full professor at the Chair of School psychology at the same Department and in 2001. got a tenure position at the same Department.

From 1998-2000. held position of  a Vice-dean for students at the Faculty of philosophy, University of Zagreb.

Since 2002. Vice-rector for  international relations  at University of Zagreb. Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in management and governance in higher education.


Additional education:

Two shorter study visits to the U. of Washington and U. of Munchen, family system therapy (2 years), gestalt therapy (2 years), post graduate course in traumatic psychology, RWCT training and certification.


Teaching activities:

 Heaving been teaching  several courses at undergraduate level: Work psychology, Organizational psychology, Educational Psychology, Special needs treatment at school,  also  coordinating and teaching two courses at graduate level: Motivation and achievement in school settings,  Students with learning difficulties.   Teaching and  training on different topics concerning organizational  and educational psychology at the other HED institutions (post-graduate studies), professional organizations, business companies and local communities.


Scientific activity:

Areas of interest:  life and work values, professional stress, learning strategies and learning styles,  teachers' beliefs and attitudes. Have been coordinator of several  research projects supported by Ministry of science, education and sports at the University of Zagreb concerning  professional stress, vocational development of adolescents, role of pets as a source of social support and  psychosocial adaptation children  traumatized by war.  Leading  project on development of  a model of  life-long teacher education. Coordinator for Croatia of UNESCO project “Initial teacher education in HED institutions”

 Published three books (two as co-author),  12 chapters in the books,  60 scientific papers and studies, developed several  tests and inventories. Presented papers at more than 30  international psychological conferences. Member of two international psychological associations (EARLI,  EAAP).


Other professional activities:

§ Participation as a team member in the government project of the educational reform.

§ Coordinator of the project  module Students and teaching within the strategy development project of University of Zagreb;

§ Working with several NGOs on projects concerning : crisis intervention in schools; psychosocial well-being of children in community; monitoring and promotion of children’s rights.

§ Coordinator of the  program “Active learning and critical thinking across curriculum in higher  education” (within RWCT-project for Croatia) at the Forum for the freedom of education

§ Acting as a chairperson of the Directory Board of the Center for the rights of the child –CISP Zagreb

    Vizek Vidović Vlasta

22.04.1974  Zekanović Hrvoje
22.04.1969  Strizrep Nenad
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